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Zoe Francis Spowage
Zoe Francis Spowage

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There is a special level of personal engagement that I chase when making my work, a wordless connection to a feeling, which I build with characters and props. My paintings are ambitious and celebratory illustrations of women in full colour and swing.

I draw muscular and larger than life (literally) women set among surreal scenery, employing a heavy element of design with my choices of sci-fi style sunsets and 1970’s tiles. I paint hair-dos, breeze blocks, shoes, bombs, back alleys and whips in the same scene as a mother and child. Im interested in a feeling of menace and threat, alongside a misjudged force.

I want to continue to explore sexuality, I has an important role in my work yet i’m challenged to put into words. The way males and female respond to my work is polar. Im learning the part I want to play within the theatre of sexuality.

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