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British Women Artists 2018

We are offering £300 for a "Fine Art" prize and £300 for a "Womens Erotic Art" prize.

What to do :-
  1. If you are not a member of this website, you can join here
  2. If you are a member you need to log-in (Top Right).
  3. You must be a Professional (£30 / Year) or an Established (£60 / year) member to enter this competition. Details
  4. Click Upload to start the process of uploading your artwork. You only need to enter a title, description and at least one photo.
  5. Click here to select the artwork to enter.
  6. To enter artwork just click the photo.
  7. Click "Continue". You can return and add/remove artwork as needed.
All shortlisted artists will get an upgrade to Established Membership for one year, valued at £60, allowing them to sell their work via our web site, (we don’t take a percentage on sales).

We are trying to raise £2000 funds for more prize money and a gathering. Below is our Kickstarter video :-

We will be accepting competition entries until 22:00 on Apr 08 2018.

Alice Herrick competition judge Alice Herrick is a London based artist, curator and dancer. She is the founder & director of Herrick Gallery, which moved from Shoreditch to Mayfair in 2015. The gallery collaborates with established artists, designers and curators as well as discovering, nurturing and promoting emerging ones. Alongside running the gallery, Alice is a regular guest curator for art publications, auctions and exhibitions. Alice Herrick’s own practice spans sculpture, drawing, painting, photography and dance exploring the body, sensuality, nature, systems and patterns.

Liz Aggiss competition judge Liz Aggiss is an un-disciplined artist with an un-disciplined body of work. Dodging categorization and being classified as unclassifiable, has been a full time job. Her work is framed by extensive contextual research that considers and uses the personal and historical as reference. Her performances have a distinctive expressive, grotesque and British music hall movement style, and integrate text, film and humour. Her work investigates the shifting nature of presentation and pushes boundaries within conventional dance practice, considering gender politics and the representation of women

Sadie Hennessy competition judge Sadie Hennessy is a mixed media artist specialising in collage, printmaking and live events. In 2010 she won the Jealous Graduate Art prize. Work from her final MA Show was bought for the University of the Arts London collection, and her ‘Accident & Emergency’ prints are in the V&A print collection. In 2011-12 she was artist-in-residence in the printmaking department of Croydon College which culminated in a solo show at the Parfitt Gallery, and she has exhibited widely ever since. She is currently Screen Print Fellow at the Royal Academy. Her latest project is an exploration of 'Britishness' in conjunction with Firstsite Gallery in Cochester.

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