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19 Kickstarter Video Peter Blue (1) 2018 Mar 06 2018 Aug 08 by Jane Bolder (2623) View Thread
16 Gaudi -The Symbolic Value of Colours Beata Korabiowska (2566) 2018 Jan 01 2018 Jun 15 by Peter Blue (1) Besides the personal believes cultivation of nature with any artist's personal credo remaining ones View Thread
5 New Features - Security Peter Blue (1) 2016 Nov 18 2018 Feb 21 by Peter Blue (1) We are constantly trying to improve BWA. When I make any improvements or add features View Thread
18 Jazz, Dance & Prosecco on Thursday 25th Jan @ Lancaster Hall Hotel Peter Blue (1) 2018 Jan 21 None Special guest James Lawrence (vocals & Trombone), Lizzie Taylor (Ballet), Beata Korabiowska View Thread
17 Beata Korabiowska takes the reins for Hilton exhibition Peter Blue (1) 2018 Jan 19 None Pegasus, winged and divine; and the unicorn with its purity of heart: these untamed View Thread
15 Check out the link Genieve Figgs Jowonder (3) 2017 Nov 27 None View Thread
14 Blade Runner Two Booo! Jowonder (3) 2017 Oct 23 None The stories we tell shape the human mind and I seriously hold films like this responsible for the View Thread
13 Why-did-more-societies-develop-to-be-patriarchal-than-matriarchal Jowonder (3) 2017 Aug 18 None View Thread
12 The Paradox of Active Surrender: Jeanette Winterson on How Learning to Understand Art Transforms Us Jowonder (3) 2017 Jun 01 None “True art, when it happens to us, challenges the ‘I’ that we are View Thread
11 Women Characters In Films only 36% of screen time. Jowonder (3) 2017 Apr 04 2017 Apr 12 by Sal Jones (1861) Gender bias in films laid bare by software:- By Matt Reynolds in the New Scientist View Thread
10 can,t find how to enter competition on this website. Woul d like to enter work but no button to press to bring up forms, images, etc. Have given up trying to enter the 2010 competiton Eliza John (2114) 2017 Apr 01 2017 Apr 04 by EllaGuru (2507) View Thread
9 Exhibition Catherine Taylor Parry (2239) 2017 Feb 23 None 'Different Horizons' an exhibition by Catherine Taylor Parry and 5 other North Wales Artists View Thread
8 Hannah Wilke Marxism and Art: Beware of Fascist Feminism Jowonder (3) 2017 Feb 20 None Summary Wilke made the poster Marxism and Art: Beware of Fascist Feminism in response to an View Thread
7 Revolution: Russian Art 1917-1932 Jowonder (3) 2017 Feb 15 None Every revolution needs to have some art so start here:Royal Academy Of Arts: One hundred years on View Thread
6 Women March London Jowonder (3) 2017 Jan 20 None This Friday, 20 January, Donald Trump will be sworn in as President of the United States in what has View Thread
3 The revolutionary artists of the 60s colourful counterculture Jowonder (3) 2017 Jan 12 None The year was 1967 and Mike McInnerney had been asked to design the poster for the 14 Hour View Thread
2 BWA featured in a magazine Peter Blue (1) 2016 Jul 09 None The BWA art competition and prize-giving has been featured in the magazine "The Purpose of View Thread
4 Test Thread 1 Peter Blue (1) 2016 Sep 28 None This is to test the forum View Thread
1 Clara Drummond won the BP portrait award last week for her work with fellow artist Kirsty Buchanan Peter Blue (1) 2016 Jun 29 None Clara Drummond won the BP portrait award last week for her work with fellow artist Kirsty View Thread
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