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Chelsea Morgan Art
Chelsea Morgan Art

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The main area of focus for me when I am creating work is the human form, and the everyday domestic object. I have learnt to appreciate the human body and its functions in a new way through my art practice. Appreciating both the beautiful and repulsive features of the body. It is the repulsive parts in particular that I am interested in, as these are often hidden away, often seen as embarrassing, shameful and unsettling. We gasp or cringe at seeing unpleasant aspects of the human body, yet we remain curious and do not avert our gaze. We observe and examine what is before us. Why is this? For me, it is because these unsettling qualities, although natural among humans, are usually seen as negative. I aim to achieve the diminishment of certain stigmas regarding the body, by presenting the body and its features in unfamiliar settings, through incorporating domestic objects in a playful way.

"Nothing can elicit an emotional response, from Joy to complete disgust more than the human body" - Vanessa Ruiz (2015)

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