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Tracie Peisley
Tracie Peisley
Tracie Peisley
Tracie Peisley

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Tracie Peisley has been an Artist for 30 years. Born in Kent in 1965. In 1984 she undertook her foundation at Maidstone College of Art & Design and developed a commitment to observational drawing and "the hard won image". This sense of discipline has sustained her practice. She completed her first degree at Bath College of Higher Education where she met a broad range of contemporary Artists. Exposed to feminism, Tracie Peisleys art practice was challenged and dissected. Her work was exploratory and changed in style from year to year there was a dilemma, wanting to paint and liking the work of for example, Paula Moderson-Becker, Matisse, Picasso, Rouault and Clemente and while also liking the confessional, autobiographical work of Louis Bourgeois and being curious about the thrashing out of ideas in Post Modern art of the day. The late Peter Kinley focused on painting and encouraged Tracie�s use of colour, edges and quality of line.
In 1989 Tracie undertook an MA at Birmingham Polytechnic. Her work followed her subconscious and dark themes were thrashed out. The questions bought to the surface by this work eventually led to an Art Therapy MA at Hertfordshire University in 2003. The outcome of this experience was Tracie�s liberation to work in any medium, as her ideas found expression through media such as metal, ceramic and cloth. Tracie graduated with a profound understanding of her own creative process.
The �Pandora�s Other Box� project was founded in 2004 by Tracie during the Art Therapy MA. The project is for women creatives, to expand their sense of what might be possible given a supportive environment and an exhibition goal. She develops an enrichment programme of workshops and meet ups and curates annual exhibitions.
Tracie works in series, the properties of different media offer different ciphers for the content in her subconscious, which seeks to be seen. There is an ambition in each piece to make disparate parts harmonious. To make the precarious - manageable. To keep a tenuous attachment alive. All the pieces are collages of sorts. The process of making is intense. Following a dramatic life event Tracie began stitching fragments of cloth together into items of clothing, she recognised that she was wrapping her art around her and coined it� floral armour� this developed into a range of couture clothing, �Peisley Originals�. She will discuss this work at the Turner Contemporary, Margate for �Talking heads�, a POW Thanet international women�s day event. March 2016.
Tracie has sustained a relationship with Greece since 1994. Her work has been influenced by her periods of time in Greece, particularly the island of Lesbos, where she now has a secure base, with her partner and daughter. Committed to expanding one�s sense of what might be possible she runs an art school in the village of Vatoussa for the local community..
She was invited to exhibit at �A Handful of dust� an exhibition about children caught in conflict in Margate at The Pie Factory December 2015.

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