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Relationships and the way people interact and communicate through shared experiences are subjects that interest me. Particular memories can be "fixed" in our minds when connected with certain sounds, sensations, light and temperature. Holidays and gatherings with friends and family often form the starting point for my pictures, but it is my whole memory of a particular situation that is important to me, and one that I am translating through my work.

Colour and symbolism are important to me, as is the use of contour, line, shape and text. My ideas start from a particular viewpoint but as the work evolves through various stages of development, it becomes increasingly abstracted. I use divisions and spaces in many of my works to give a feeling of the continuity of the subject. I am trying to capture one fragment of a scene but at the same time the bigger picture. Drawings and paintings are therefore made up of multiple pieces.

Recent work has been inspired by a trip to Japan where I visited Tokyo, Kyoto and villages along the ancient highway 'The Nakasendo way'. A spontaneous series of photographs I took during a thunderstorm of crowds in the Shibuya district of Tokyo have formed the starting point for many of my pictures.

I start a project by gathering relevant material through photography, drawing and annotations in response to my chosen subject. From this material I make further drawings, prints and tracings layering them to create multiple images, refining them for my final pieces.

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