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Beth Nicholas

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My current body of work this year continues with its foundation in the Japanese aesthetic of Wabi-Sabi: exploring the beauty found within transience. From finding a rotting garment by a stream to a stream of consciousness, my current collection travels through ethereal, abstract landscape style paintings into figurative ink drawings that investigate the subconscious.

Working with blown ink, oil bar and water washes I am pursuing the organic fluidity of a natural process where the ink finds a path of it�s own through resistance before being diluted and seeping through into the rest of the canvas.

My work is extremely cathartic. I spend hours and hours writing streams of consciousness, which for me, as a dyslexic, can at times be a huge struggle, but at other times the thoughts flow and the time flies. My work therefore is about time and energy and expresses and exposes me as a person.

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