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Photo of JoWOnder Photo of JoWOnder
Photo of JoWOnder
Photo of JoWOnder
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'There's no one way of looking at JoWonder's work. There's no one way of looking at anything! We only have to shut one eye and you get a different angle, turn our head quickly for another, so imagine (ha) what the brain can do through the lens of our perceptions, our values, memory, body and past. There can also be a backward telescopic journey into childhood, when our imaginations were quite erotic - as a part of our life force- at a time before we become erotic'. Jan Woolf.

(‘JoWOnder’) born Joanna Woodward, is a writer, animator, visual artist and performer. Her works stem from traditions in folklaw literature, performance and painting and have been commissioned for television and exhibited internationally. To see her paintings press the black MY ARTWORK tab/link at the top of the page. For more information and video work see below.

She started her experimental performance work with The Washroom Collective, who's work typically involves improvisation and audience interaction. Since then she has trained with the Improbable Theater Company and explored a surreal stand up comedy persona.

'JoWOnder and the Psychic Tea Leaves,' is a 45-minute performance in the tradition of a Victorian Seance, using the supernatural as subject matter. Staged at The Belfry of St Johns of Bethnal Green; a part of First Thursdays organised by Whitechapel Art Gallery,London.(was voted best First Thursday.)

2014-2015, performance stand up comedy as a part of 'Sacred And The Profane' and 'A Cabinet Of Wonders,' Hundred Years Gallery, London and also'The End Of The Pier Show' Whitstable.

2006-Present, a Wellcome Trust project,'6 Days Goodbye Poems Of Ophelia' an animated painting in bacteria representing John Millais Ophelia. People are invited to leave poems to Ophelia via an anonymous answerphone. Contributions have been received from established poets and musicians such as Kim Morresy, Peter Murphy and Richard Niman as well as the public.(see 3rd video below)

'Flatlanders' a video installation was a part of a science debate about CERN (Centre European For Nuclear Research) and was shown in Guildford Cathedral and Washinton Dc Arts Centre, USA. (2nd video below)

Sawdust For Brains And The Key Of Wisdom, 16mm animated film commissioned by Channel 4, Television: A woman is transformed into a puppet by a sorcerer with a magic key and given a chance to see the mechanisms that create our fate here on earth; using Voodoo she manages to shrink the sorcerer and find a love. Stop frame animation using puppets and live actors.See below

In 2007, 'Flatlanders',hight defintion video installations featured in Guildford Cathedral in connection with a science debate around the nuclear experiment at 'The Centre for European Nuclear Research'(CERN) This was a collaboration with the The Very Revd Victor Stock, scientists Professors Brian Cox, and Jim Al-Khalili.Also in 'The New Future' and exhibition of three artists at The Columbia Arts Center, USA See excerpt below*

Interested in combining the scientific and the emotional, I created '6 Days Goodbye Poems Of Ophelia,' research funded by The Wellcome Trust and with a microbiology input by Dr Simon Park. The piece features an animated version of John Millais Ophelia created out of bacteria which asks; Where does Ophelia's body begin and where does it end? The work has an interactive element - and I am still recieving contributions by an electronic answer phone- to pay tribute to Ophelia by poem, song music etc. Call: 44(0)207-1839366.

The Day 4, section below includes a sound track of answer phone messages from, children, poets and strangers. Excerpt from Ophelia project below

6 Days Goodbye Poems Of Ophelia from jowonder on Vimeo.

Some more animated films below:-

The Brooch pin And The Sinful Clasp: A man falls in love with a ballerina that he sees dancing at the top of a tower block and sets off on a journey to find her, he finds out that the ballerina was only an evil mechanical brooch on a giant 's shawl. Giant played by renowned performance artist Rose English.

Winner Grand Priz Zageb Festival and Best Newcomer Cardif animation festival and The Time Out Film Award,UK

Below 'Don't Submit To A Moments Passion With A Stranger,'a stop frame animated video installation melting sugary shoes, A story of disappointing love.

'Don't Submit To A Moments Passion With A Stranger,' was shown as a part of 'T1+2 Gallery Annex Projects', exhibited in Rupert Sanderson's in Mayfair, London, June 2008. Commissioned originally for the grand opening of The Lux Cinema, Hoxton Square, London 1997.
*Previous works have been exhibited and screened internationally including: Redland Museum Cleveland Australia-October 2014, Camden Arts Centre, New Contemporaries- ICA, Whitechapel Open, Alnolfini Bristol, National Film Theatre, Channel 4 Television, BBC2, Carlton television, Tate Britain, Guildford Cathedral. 'BachModern Project' Austria, Sofia Bulgaria, Bangkok Thailand, Hamburg , Stuttgart, Washington DC Arts Centre, Chamalieres, Annecy, Madrid, Zagreb republic of Croatia, Krakow Poland, Toronto Canada.

1991 commissioned by the BBC Bristol to make The Weatherhouse for a New Directors slot. 1993 Channel 4 Television commission to write and direct, 'Sawdust For Brains And The Key Of Wisdom'(see above)shown on C4 and in two special UK cinema programs [Showcase For The Avant-garde' and 'Grotesque Imaginings' at the National Film Theatre and international festivals. 1990 'The Brooch Pin And The Sinful Clasp', (was winner of the Grand Priz Animafest Zagreb) and is distributed on 'Connoisseur Video' this work was also a part of 'Between Imagination and Reality' an Arts Council tour. The work is also referenced in 'From Beast To Blonde' author Marina Warner.
Portrait Photography by Roelof Bakker
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