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Joanna Woodward, also known as Jowonder, is a multi-disciplined artist and writer, renowned for her animated films which rejoice in irony. She tells made up stories about things that are, and aren’t real; seeing most things as magical including science.

Recently one of her surreal short stories 'Big Ben And The London Mermaids', was published in 'The International Times.'

Her animated films, telling her own original stories, have been screened on television and in many international festivals, winning the Grand Prize at Zagreb International Animation Festival, The Time Out Film Award, and Most Promising Newcomer at Cardiff Festival. Her films have been noted by mythographer Marina Warner, are a part of the BFI Collection, and are included in The World History Of Animation.

'I believe that the spirit of playfulness is the most important element in any artwork when we are playful is when our ego gets out of the way. My animated films telling my made up stories, are created via stop frame animation and are giant scale, or so small they require a magnifier to animate.

Fairy tales combine the mundane, shoes, old ladies, and teapots, with the magical and make them enchanted. Everything in nature comes from nothing, this being miraculous creates a sense of wonder for me.

At primary school I convinced my friends that I was a witch, and I took them on a dream journey every night. Today, when confronted by the serious subject of quantum physics; (I think), this must be just such a place of enchantment.'

In 2007, she started the Six Days Goodbye Poems Of Ophelia project, (still in process) a living painting from bacteria, a re-telling of the story of Ophelia's death depicted in John Everett Millais' original painting; seeing her death as a form of beautiful transition a return to the land. The work uses the movement of live bacteria for animation and was created in a sterile laboratory,(Wellcome Trust), poetic soundtracks to the project are created by the public.

Flatlanders (2007), a video installation premiered in Guildford Cathedral alongside a debate which included Dr Brian Cox and Jim al Khalili, referenced the ancient Greek character of Themis, and incorporated sound taken from the The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator.

For a recent interview see:

Some of her visual art can be seen via the 'Portfolio' tab above.

Her animations, which are a part of the BFI and the Lux Collections, can be seen by arrangement.

Online film and performance can be seen via : Youtube Channel:


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