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Freya Gabie was born in South West England and Studied BA Sculpture at Chelsea College of Art and an MA in Sculpture at the Royal College of Art.
She has exhibited in numerous exhibitions throughout the UK and abroad. She has been Artist in Residence Meantime Space, UK, Styx Projects, Berlin and Franconia Sculpture Park, USA.
In 2014 she was short-listed for the David Troostwyk / Matts Gallery Studio Award and is currently selected for the Jerwood Drawing Prize. She is due to undertake a residency at Flj├│tstunga, Iceland in spring 2015.

She works responsively to her environment, interested in the unconscious exchange between objects, people and place. In the tentative, peripheral boundaries, both physical and conceptual that exist between all things. Her work attempts to consider and articulate the way one entity reacts to each other, or seeps into one another. How time, use, history and narrative invest objects and places with layers of entwined meaning and agency. She excavates, because she is interested in what survives.

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