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sarah king

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My practice is an evolving dialogue with process and materials. Making and doing are fundamental.
The simultaneous stories from my life as a mother, woman, partner and friend weave many facets into the work.
Feeding from the words of John Dewey, I learn by doing. My recent work is the culmination of a year long study and exploration of breath, sound and stillness, through stitch and audio work.
In my search for stillness traces of my being are recorded in audio and then in stitch. The stitches echo sounds made through repeated acts of daily life, and the seemingly small events, rituals and rythms which mark the passage of time.
Stitching onto or into paper creates a notation or 'listening drawing', the sound informs the stitch which again informs another sound.
Questions such as: Is there such a thing as silence? Is there ever nothing? Is there always something? fuel the work forward.
Current projects culminate in ambiguous and ephemeral installations. Future projects will include bookworks - capturing the process - which I hope will bridge the gap between work and audience.
It is my aim to sustain a deep level of enquiry, generating ideas and research conversations which readdress my developing methodologies and working processes.

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