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Forum Thread: Blade Runner Two Booo! | List Threads

Jowonder (3)
Posted: 2017 Oct 23
The stories we tell shape the human mind and I seriously hold films like this responsible for the mess the world is in. Saw the new Blade Runner film last night: The bleak macho presentation, of the repeated theme seen in recent male directed sci-fi, that male feelings for their sprogs is what makes the them real, while meanwhile females have their wombs mutilated, along with all the violence, made me feel completely and utterly ignored as a female viewer.

Sitting in a world overpopulated and unfocused on the importance of person to person and kinship; I thought rather than the old family themes, wouldn't more original Sci-fi resolutions around none narcissistic bonds be more satisfying and original? Bring on the women directors. A big Boooooo!

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