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My modern abstract paintings gradually develop with carefully considered layers of paint, texture, colour and mark making. Layers have become powerful in my work. Layers can represent many things, layers in the landscape, emotion, life, time, to name but a few.
This is a triptych, three paintings, where I focus on the many layers on the coast and the marks remaining when the bubbling sea recedes.
The paintings are sold unframed. I've placed them in a whitewashed frame for illustration only.

painting details:

Painted on twice primed Loxley board , (unframed), the paintings can be placed in a standard sized frame, either with or without glass. Room setting and frame for illustration only.

Image Size 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm X THREE PAINTINGS 91.5 x 30 cm total
Medium Acrylic paint
Finish 2 coats silk acrylic varnish



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