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The Unicorn Trumpet

by Jowonder :: You need to be a member to contact artists →Join :: Portfolio

Hand stitched with plain white embossed cover. There is a poem at the beginning of the Book. On further investigation of the book, a paper trumpet appears on one page. Upon reaching the centre of the book six pop-up unicorns spring up.
Size: 431.8mm x 304.8mm x 25.4

English Text Inside Book: -

Blowing the trumpet
It will have an immediate effect
Can you hear the thud?
The frantic movement from beneath the pages?

The unicorns have been called out of hiding
Noble white face
Long front legs
You have lifted the curse.

Edition one of one, signed by the artist.

  The Unicorn Trumpet
The Unicorn Trumpet
The Unicorn Trumpet


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