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Jayne Ford

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1st Website

I left a career in biomedical science to become a glass artist in 2010, beginning with a period of vocational training at Pugin, Hardman and Powell Studio, Birmingham. For a few years I built up my knowledge and portfolio in architectural glass, dabbling in "warm-glass" techniques such as fusing and slumping in my spare time. I am fascinated by the additional aesthetic dimension transparent glass in particular offers. It can simultaneously reflect, refract and transmit light through inner worlds of bubbles and pure colour; properties that can be exploited to create dramatic and intriguing pieces. In 2015 I started to explore ways of integrating glass into the outdoor environment, combining fused and cast glass with other natural materials such as metal or ceramics and collaborating with other artisans to make these pieces.

I make architectural glass panels and decorative glass objects to commission and also sell smaller items at fairs and galleries. I regularly exhibit larger garden art at outdoor arts events; dates of upcoming exhibitions can be found on my website: or on my Facebook page: Jayne Ford Glass Design

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