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Neringa Dastoor
Neringa Dastoor

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Originally from Lithuania Neringa Dastoor (b. 1978) has studied and worked internationally for over 16 years.

Since graduating from MA in Visual Communication at the Royal College of Art (2013) Neringa has exhibited her interactive installation including short film at Sustain RCA and TATE Modern (2013), illustration work at RCA Hockney Gallery (2013) and the Horse Hospital (2015). Her short film Metaqua has won BBC Worldwide Creative Challenge (2015). The process which has evolved in Neringa's work over the past 5 years essentially is not about the outcome itself but about the space the subject matter belongs to... or it is consciously mis/re-placed into.

If the physical space may be what we have left as the only private and individual space (online is not only public but also surveyed) then it ought to be investigated. All projects are diverse yet carefully and systematically developed including a mix of short film, installation, interactive & illustration narratives, drawings on fabric as well as wearable designs. Neringa's fashion of seamless (yet intentional) control of detail aims to present new opportunities for one-to-one debate.

Initial exploration and dedicated time spent in researching the subject matter present THE elements used to inform and reconfigure the concept. This approach leads to the production of final arbitrary project material which yet has strategically integrated those initial elements, messages in a mixture of playful and at times even seductively immersive nature. Based in London she continues with her interdisciplinary creative practice.

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