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London based artist Irina Worger's work explores the notion of freedom and challenges the viewers' perception to unveil an unexpectedly wide variety of association between the realm of perceptual reality and the sphere of imagination.

One of the most convincing aspect of Irina's approach is the way it condenses the permanent flow of associations in the realm of memory and experience.

She has been fascinated by sgaraffito, layers of different colours are usually employ in visual art, a technique used in painting, glass or pottery. The different between the old tradition and her new way of sgarafitto it is a very unique pattern that emerges with her drawings. Irina is recreating the sgraffito on her work by cutting the two colours of mounting boards in unique shapes and then adding the post-it note as the third layer.
All these layers match perfect around her beautiful black on white drawings of her Dalmatian which he is watching always different birds. All this give her a sense and motivation, providing an identity and demonstrate that we always have a choice in the arena of artwork.

Irina’s artworks offer to the viewers an enormous chance of experiences, to reconstruct and report their self into relation to the images.

Please visit her website at

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