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Asma Mahmud Hashmi
Asma Mahmud Hashmi
Asma Mahmud Hashmi
Asma Mahmud Hashmi

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Asma Hashmi's work delves into the dialogue between self-actualisation and the sexual subtleties of being a South Asian woman in today's world. Asma explores the inherent discomfort of being inside a woman's body and the intricacy of female sexuality and gender undercurrents; communicated through her use of intricate lines and overt layering. The gradations of colour address the diverse and complex emotions and passions of a woman through a rich visual landscape. Asma's art is evocative of female genitalia covered in sheer layers of social norms and expectations. She uses the layering process and the line quality to communicate a deep sense of loss, anger and despondency that is intrinsically interwoven
with the unveiling of a sense of self that comes with age. Her art explores in depth the symbolism of eternal beauty, exploited in order to suppress passion and acceptance of female sexuality and desires.

Asma Hashmi works as an artist and art educator. She completed her Masters in Fine Arts from the University of Hawaii, U.S.A in 1992; and her under graduate degree from National College of Arts, Pakistan in 1986.

Aasma currently lives in Oxford with her husband and three children.

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