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Cas Holmes

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Urban Nature

My work relates to the natural and built world and the elements that make it up. I live in a house which edges on a park bringing the Urban and 'Nature' together. I like to use found materials, old domestic fabrics, papers and objects gathered within my footsteps as part of the process of making, looking at environmental and personal links, as well as addressing issues of sustainable practice.

I work for commission and for public spaces including installations in museums and galleries, as well as smaller mixed media textiles pieces (framed and freehanging) which work well in traditional and contemporary settings. I am happy to work with found materials as part of the process which have significance to the commissioning person or project to create a unique celebratory or commemorative piece. You can see examples of my work on this site.

I enjoy collaborating on projects and have included examples on this site of work other artists and makers as well as work with museums and education. This work develops my studio practice and I have recently been give a Pride of Britain Award from the NRI Institute in recognition of my community and exhibition projects. For up to date information see and visit my blog,

I have written a book for Batsford publications, The Found Object in Textile Art. My work has also featured in several magazines including Country Living, Schoner Whonen (beautiful home), Crafts and Embroidery

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