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Jacki Clark
Jacki Clark
Jacki Clark
Jacki Clark
Jacki Clark

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Born of a Welsh naval captain father, all free time in childhood was spent in Wales and this fostered a love of Wales, mountains and the sea.

Work is often focused on exploring the contrast and interplay of elemental characteristics and energy. This is reminiscent of the Chinese practise of painting the \'spirit\' of a landscape, creature or object.

A variety of medium is used to emphasise the characteristics and in some work, is as important as the form that it relates to.

Fine Art B.A. (Hons) Newcastle Upon Tyne University

3 months in Beijing studying Traditional Chinese brushwork

PGCE in Art

Numerous exhibitions in the UK including group exhibition at the Waterloo Gallery in London

Work accepted for exhibition by the RCA

Worked with Radio 1 to produce an Art challenge for their Big Beach Sweep event.

Worked with the MCS and John Muir to highlight the problems of marine waste.

Member of Moving Clay

Member of Barnaby Visual Arts

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