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Maria Escribano

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A world inspired by memories, remorse and fragile realities at once gentle and cruel, sweet and distressing. A world that is essential for me to create in order for me to move on, call it cathartic.

This body of work represents different chapters and periods of times of my own personal journey through life. Drama and melancholy are two predominant flavours. Child- like images are haunted by a dark and depressed nature. The characters are quite tragic even though they live in idealistic compositions. This is the result of regressing into a world of innocence while creating; however some of the demons from reality follow me here.

Very much touched by the female Surrealist movement my fascination for fairy tales, dolls and extraordinary characters revolve around their connection with dreams. At the same time they are a medium that allows us to escape reality. They are maybe the only space for innocence and purity in our pragmatic society.

The use of fabric personally evokes both nostalgia and contempt. Fabric it was always there when I was growing up. It resembles my predicted future which I run away from…becoming a house wife who can sew. Ironically, now it is the media I need to use to put myself in contact with my inner child in order to be able to express myself unconsciously. Recycled fabric from family and friends helps to enrich the bank of memories.

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