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Art Speak

by Elaine Newington Ward :: You need to be a member to contact artists →Join :: Portfolio

Acrylic on 2 superimposed canvasses 110cms x 80cms
This is a satirical piece. There is a painting which has been almost entirely covered by ‘The Statement.’ The Statement has become so important it has evolved a persona. It has produced its own description of the ‘work’. However, it is not the obscured art-work that is described, it is a sardonic eulogy to the new work, which the Statement itself has become, by obscuring the original.

The wording is as follows;
This painting transports both artist and observer into a dimension which mirrors the self-obsession of the anthropomorphic critical narrative of contemporary conceptualisation. It is a paradox, of both meaning and meaningfulness, surrealism and absolute representationalism.
I have imposed the recognisable on the abstract to create conflict and anxiety referencing the ubiquitous nature of artistic critique and statement. Anxiety is propounded by the realisation that the creative statement has stifled and suffocated the neonate to the point of obliteration. The predominant, palpable statement is unable to extricate its own self-concerned zoetic aspiration, to the extent of physically surmounting the integument of the new work and disconcertingly conjoining infanticide with internment.
In this sequestered world the caudal appendage is oscillating the canine mammal.

  Art Speak


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